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Balance Your Chakra Regulation

The chakra system is composed of seven main energy wheels that regulate our energetic bodies. Beginning at the base of the spine and traveling through the crown of the head. The seven main chakras are the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown.

We must embody each chakra to empower and restore healing. Through Sound Healing, meditation, and practicing affirmations, we can do that together.

Start Your Journey

Each of the seven main chakras relate to specific organs, as well as various emotional, psychological, and spiritual states. We experience harmony and optimal health when the chakras are balanced, and eventually experience

illness or emotional distress when they are imbalanced. The chakras are associated with seven unique frequencies that remove energetic blockages and promote fluidity within the chakra system.


Embody the Seven Chakras


Embody Unity

I am connected to myself and the universe

Third Eye

Embody Intuition

I embrace my chosen path and live in harmony


Embody Self-Expression

I speak my truth and embrace my voice


Embody Love

I give and receive love, compassion, and empathy


Embody Confidence

I am true to myself, fearlessly


Embody Creativity

I experience pleasure in all of life


Embody Safety

I am safe within myself and my environment

Chakra Visuals
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