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Meet Lauren

Our Founder and Therapist

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I believe one of the bravest things you can do is to begin understanding your own story. Together, we will explore acceptance and accelerate growth to become your ideal self.

Lauren Brill, Founder of Embody Healing

Women therapist and certified sound healer

Lauren Brill

Therapist and Certified Sound Healer

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Sound Healer, and founder of Embody Healing. I obtained my Bachelor’s in psychology and Master’s in social work from the University of Michigan, and am certified as an expert-level sound healer. Embody Healing was developed during my first year of clinical practice in 2020, and was inspired by my passion for enhancing accessibility to mental health knowledge and services in my community.


anxiety • attention-deficit disorders • codependency • depression • developmental disorders • family conflict • grief• identity • life transitions • obsessions and compulsions• relationship issues • trauma and post-traumatic stress

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To supplement the growth that I have seen in my clients through my clinical practice, I gravitated towards holistic approaches to healing.

Lauren Brill, Founder of Embody Healing

orange Sacral Sound Bowl

Holistic Approach to Healing

My approach to working with clients is motivated by supporting others through their journey of understanding the experiences that they come from, strengthening the foundation for their current goals, and regaining confidence and control in their lives.

Why Sound Healing?

I connected to sound healing through my own journey of exploring alternative healing methods for chronic pain. My growing passion for sound healing has inspired me to share this method with others, with the intention of interconnecting this ancient practice with modern mental health education. Mental health has always been a passion of mine, and I am committed to supporting others in embodying their self-healing.

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